Why having an expat as a tenant provides many benefits.

Are you interested in renting out your house for a short or long-term period? Then you probably have heard the word expat multiple times. The term expats is used a lot, but what are expats actually? And why would you specifically want expats as subletters for your house?


The Dutch Houses has a lot of experience in the field of renting and subrenting in the region of Noord-Holland. In addition, we also focus specifically on the relocation of expats to the Netherlands. Expats are people who move to the Netherlands for work. Expats can only immigrate to the Netherlands, with a partner or with the whole family. Expats are usually brought to the Netherlands by a large (international) organization. This often concerns a temporary position, differing from a period of six months to sometimes five years or more.


If you would like to temporarily sublet your house, we recommend you to make us of an agency to help you with the process. The Dutch Houses has a lot of experience with renting and subletting and the mediation between landlords and sub-tenants. With this article we would love to help you with the decision that you will have to make when choosing your subtenants. We mention a number of benefits that come with having expats as a tenant:


The benefits of an expat as a tenant:

  • The company that hired them often pays the costs, so expats have a lot (more than average) to spend
  • This makes an expat a reliable tenant who pays the rent neatly on time
  • They have a job and a contract, so you have certainty regarding the time they come to rent your property.
  • Expats are generally temporary in the Netherlands, so you know you won’t be stuck with your tenant for too long. Less risks.
  • Due to the temporary stay in the Netherlands, expats are actually looking for a furnished home. They are likely to pay (they have to) more for this.
  • Expats are generally highly skilled and decent people with a good job.
  • We provide all necessary documents for expats, so there will be no hassle an more certainty for you.



Is your home suitable for expats?

It is clear that having expats as tenants comes with certain benefits. But how can you ensure that expats also have interest in your home? Expats are a popular target group to have as a tenant and they know that too. That is why they generally also set higher requirements for their future, temporary home. What are important factors regarding the new home of an expat?


Consider the following when it comes to an expat who moves to the Netherlands alone or as a couple:

  • They are looking for a lively neighborhood, many bars and restaurants. The social aspect is important.
  • They often look for an international environment, with other expats nearby.
  • They like to live in a central location, with places of interest nearby or where they feel they can immerse themselves in the local culture.
  • They have high standards regarding the facilities of the home. Think of a modern bathroom, kitchen and very important: an air conditioner.
  • Expats like when everything is arranged for them, after all they often come to live in a completely new and unfamiliar country. So they like services as a cleaner, gardener / handyman, etc. The Dutch Houses offers a full service that can help you with this.
  • Expats like to live close to social facilities such as good schools, sport centers and even hospitals, etc. We can help you making an overview of the facilities in your area so that your home is promoted well.


In addition to advantages, there may also be some disadvantages:

  • As a landlord, it is sometimes more difficult to obtain information about a person when you are researching a possible tenant for your home. For that reason, it is extremely important that you work with a Relocation Service company (such as The Dutch Houses) that specializes in screenings. We are happy to help you with this.
  • Although most expats speak absolutely fluent English, language in general can sometimes be a barrier. Especially when it comes to industry related expressions. You can prepare yourself by thoroughly examining these uses of languages and legal laws. You can also hand it over to a reliable partner.
  • Expats are by definition from another country where different norms and values ​​often apply. That is why it is important that you have a clear and comprehensive lease in which everything is properly arranged. All rights and duties should be properly stated to prevent ambiguities and discontentment. For example, for Americans air conditioning is of great value, while in the Netherlands it is often a superfluous luxury. Does your property not have this included? Then make sure this is stated very clearly.
  • In addition to a lease, you can also use general rules, or ground/house rules. In these you can lay down matters that are less common in legal language (??). This includes the correct use of the home and furniture, agreements not to cook spicy (too often), how the home should be kept clean properly, etc. We are also happy to help you with this.


Most of these points do not have to be disadvantages, as long as you think about it and prepare for it. Thanks to our broad experience we can help you with this.


Finally, the following applies: the more modern the design and total appereance of the house, the better. This also has advantages for you as a landlord, because it means that you can often rent your home to different expats for years within the same company, if the company knows that your home is a highly demanded and popular home for their customers.


Expats who stay in the Netherlands for a few years, often demand an unfurnished home. This target group often receives a relocation budget from their employer so that they can have their personal belongings delivered. If you are open to that, you can always use our relocation service to empty your furnished home by a specialized and well experienced movers.



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